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What to Expect

Your First Visit

Welcome!  We appreciate that you have chosen Minahan Family Dentistry for your dental and oral health needs.  After contacting us, you can print out and complete our health history form before your first appointment.  If you don’t have access to print out our form, we can either send it in the mail or you can come a few minutes early and complete it at our office.  At your first visit we will review your medical and dental history.  Please be open and thorough with your health history form and our confidential discussions so we have full knowledge of any medications, allergies or health issues enabling us to treat you in a safe manner.  Following your health history review we will gather a complete collection of data concerning your current dental condition.  This will include a head and neck exam, a cancer screening, charting of missing teeth, charting existing restorations, observing and taking measurements concerning your gum health.  Most patients receive a full mouth series of digital x-rays that gives us a complete view of your mouth.  We may also take digital photographs (yes, actual pictures!) of your teeth to observe wear, color, and position.  This will also give us a baseline of your current dental health that we can compare to in the future.  These images will give you a chance to view your own teeth, in color and enlarged, on a monitor giving you an opportunity to ask questions and state your concerns so we can provide you with an optimal dental plan.  We encourage our patients to be involved and educated with concern to their own dental health.  Please ask questions, voice your concerns, and tell us your desires for a beautiful, healthy smile!  Following our thorough exam we will determine if it is best to discuss your treatment plan that day or to schedule another time where we can sit down and discuss your treatment needs together.  Patients are encouraged to schedule their dental cleaning appointment soon after their new patient exam.  We will send you home with any dental information packets or referrals that are needed following your visit.  Thank you again for choosing Minahan Family Dentistry!

New Patients




I have gone to this dentist since I was 9 years old and continue to travel all the way from downtown Seattle to come see him and I can't even begin to express my appreciation for the staff here. Read More
-Bonnie J