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Lost Crown / Temporary

Temporary crown came off- occasionally temporary crowns dislodge, if your temporary crown is still intact try to place it back on the tooth and gently press it back into place.  If you are unable to place it back on the tooth, place the temporary in a small container and contact our office.  We will be able to cement it back into place for you.  When the temporary is out you may feel some discomfort to cold temperature, this is normal due to the exposed tooth structure.  Avoid hard and sticky food in the area of the tooth as you don't want to fracture any part of the prepared tooth structure. It is important that a temporary crown is not out of the mouth for a prolonged time as teeth can shift, compromising the fit of the permanent crown.

Temporary crown fractured or is broken- if your temporary crown was fractured or broken don't attempt to place it back on the tooth.  Save the pieces of the temporary (if you can) and bring them into the office.  We will determine the damage that was done and if he needs to make a new temporary for your prepared tooth.

Permanent crown came off- make sure to save the permanent crown that has come off.  Contact our office and bring it with you so we so can recement the crown back on the tooth, if possible. 

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